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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy CRAP! The Year In Review Pt. 3

I'm here today on my final day here in North Carolina before heading back to LA feeling kind of melancholy. For one I hate leaving my family for one and also leaving NC as well. It is so peaceful over here and very tranquil. Sometimes almost too tranquil. But I feel this is the place I can come to and recharge the batteries before heading back into the chaos. It's a good chaos don't get me wrong but one that sometimes require a disconnect even if I am never truly disconnected. So with that deep thought LOL, I will get back to the matter at hand in continuing my series of the years events for 2011 I like to call, "Holy CRAP! The Year In Review Pt. 3."

So I had the opportunity this year to perform with some artists mainly from the Latin world which is funny on to itself. Cause part of the reason I originally left Miami to begin with was to get away from all the Latin music stigma that has unfortunately plagued Miami for so many years in my opinion. There is a whole other music scene there that's pretty damn good but the unfortunate stereotypes still loom large there and it's sad quite frankly, but I digress.

So I find it ironic that now I have done shows with these artists some HUGE in their genre and even more ironic that I work directly with a Latin artist Ignacio Val. So I always felt like Al Pacino in Godfather III when he utters the classic line, "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in" always runs across my mind when I get to do these events.

So below are some pics from some of those performances. These were for 3 artists in particular, Paty Cantu, Anahi & Christian Chavez. One was at an outdoor event in Los Angeles and the other two were for a TV taping.

me, Paty and my drummer Forrest Robinson after the gig

Here getting ready for the show

Anahi & Christian Chavez TV Taping

One of 2011's highlights for me also has been the opportunity in being able to work with one of the greatest guitarists in music Jazz great Norman Brown. I've had the pleasure now of working with Norman on various projects throughout the past year and have been given the privilege to help him out now on a few of his shows this past year that have taken me to various countries so for that I am incredibly thankful and I look forward to continuing working with him in 2012! Below is a shot with us on the Jazz Cruise back in January.

Here with Comedian Alonso Bodden, Norman Brown & Tower Of Power Vocalist Larry Braggs

Well that's it for now. I will have my next update very soon. Hope all of you are having a great holiday thus far. Much love and respect. Eric

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