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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre-Production Rehearsals Day 1

Hello one and all. This is my new blog which I hope to keep as interesting as possible so I hope you enjoy.

Ahhh, so day one of pre-production rehearsals for my new record Delusions Of Grandeur complete. Well I woke up at the ass crack of dawn Monday morning to prepare for what was to be our first rehearsals for the record. Last time we rehearsed as a band was back in May for the BMI showcase that I did. And in that time we had already been playing most of the songs that we are recording for this new album.

The day started very cool. Every one was fired up and ready to go. Then the "Studio Gremlins" came out in force. Rick Silva my producer on the project came in thinking that everything would be up and running smoothly, NOT! The system we were using kept locking up on us and we would be in the middle of the take and just completely stopped. It was incredibly frustrating. Ironically enough at the very end of the session over 12 hours in at that point. Everything just clicked and worked. The band including myself was so frustrated at that point that we didn't think we had anything left. I think everyone was just so pissed off that we just went in and did most of the takes we already had all over again.

And those ended up being the best tracks of the day to be quite honest. The energy and aggression was there that I was looking for. I've included some pictures of the days event. Will have more up soon. Until next time. Cheers. EK