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Friday, April 6, 2012

Persistent Management Industry Showcase Scrapbook

I just wanted to pop in and drop this little scrapbook off from last weeks Persistent Management | Symbiotic Nation industry showcase. I'm still on a high from this amazing event. This was truly one of the best performances ever by all the bands (Satellite Sky, Ignacio Val) and one of my personal best. Can't wait to get back some of the videos for this show, they should be amazing.

Below is a collection of shots and a document of what a great night it truly was. Hope you enjoy. Until next time have a great weekend. Much love & respect. Eric

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eric Knight | PM Industry Showcase at King King 3.28.2012

HOLY CRAP! What an amazing time we had last Wednesday night at the Persistent Management | Symbiotic Nation Music Industry Showcase at King King in Hollywood. I can safely say this was one of my best performances and overall the bands best performance ever! There was just an AMAZING energy and electricity flowing through the air that evening and it definitely showed.

There were two other incredible acts on the bill that evening. Indie rockers Satellite Sky from Australia and Latin Pop-Rock star Ignacio Val. Satellite Sky is one of my favorite new bands to come on to the scene. They just released an EP late last year that I cannot stop playing. Infectious tunes and just great sound. They have something extremely special going on and I'm very excited to be working with them. I can't wait to see what's around the corner for them.

Ignacio Val's set was simply great! He has all the makings of a major superstar and this evening's performance was no exception. Every song in his set is a potential radio single and just the energy and charisma that he exudes is just unstoppable. I'm very proud of how far he has come.

I also wanted to thank the crew that we had that evening. Nick Gallagher, Tomas Wolfe, Moshe Yosef. You guys were FRICKEN AMAZING and I am so grateful for your acts of kindness and help it was truly beautiful to watch.

Also to our production crew documenting the evening: Gerson Segura, Mario Amadeau & Daniel Hodge what beautiful images you captured. I'm truly blown away and can't wait to show the material to everyone.

To our AMAZING host Erin Darling who was very gracious to lend us her talents, Erin thank you!

And to my asst and right hand girl Brooke Griffin. Without you it simply would not have got done. Your time and energy towards this show was simply breathtaking and I have a deep debt of gratitude for everything that you have done. :)

And to our special guest musicians that evening: Rochella Brown & Ken Hikaro thank you so much for lending us your talents on "Happy Together" it was amazing. And to my sweety Rochella it was awesome to finally share the stage with you even if it was for only one song. :)

And of course my band: To Greg, Forrest & Daniele. What can I say. I am blessed, honored and privileged that you would even consider performing with me. You certainly make me look great and I am eternally grateful and love you guys tremendously!

With that I will leave you with a bunch of pictures from the other night and there is more to come. Hope you enjoy. Blessings. Eric