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Monday, November 22, 2010

It's been a very crazy couple of weeks...

Holy crap! It's been an insane couple of weeks for me. It's all been good things. I've felt very productive "which is a rare thing for me to feel". Last week was an absolute whirlwind. I started out the morning heading out to my old alma mater Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I shot a video for their "Success Story" video series which was pretty cool. I was honored that they would ask me to come out and do that.

Eric Knight - MI Success Story Shoot

Eric Knight - MI Success Story Shoot

Eric Knight - MI Success Story Shoot

Eric Knight - MI Success Story Shoot

Eric Knight - MI Success Story Shoot

Eric Knight - MI Success Story Shoot

Then it was off to have lunch with at my bassist Daniele Decario's place. We had a great time. Got to listen to some incredible music that Daniele has created for film & TV projects. His wife Ingrid prepared Rochella and myself an incredible brunch that was absolutely delicious. We stayed and talked about Italy and all the non-Italian dishes that America has created which are unheard of in Italy. It was hilarious to hear that. And all this time I thought Alfredo Fettuchini  was a classic Italian dish, WRONG!

Interviews @ West LA Music
After that it was off to the Musicians Union Local 47 in Hollywood. I met up with VP of the union John Acosta. Just recently met him over at a recent industry event. I went to meet up to talk to him about joining the union and what were the advantages of doing so. I was pleasantly surprised by all the cool services they offer their membership and was convinced that I would be doing this in 2011! We also talked about going to Cuba of all things since he had just been down there. I had expressed an interest that I wanted to go visit the homeland myself in the new year. He told me what to do and what to avoid while I was there. All in all a great meeting. He had another phone meeting to tend to so I had to high tail it out of there to my next mission if I so decided.

The next stop in my journey was to West LA Music in where else, West LA. I met up with long time supporter and equipment guru Randy Fuchs from Artist Relations. Randy has been responsible for getting most if not all my product endorsements since I've been performing for years now. I did some quick testimonial videos for my endorsees MXL & Brace Audio. Also met up with the VP of MXL Mics while we were there. Great guy he had just informed me that he saw my name on there performers list for NAMM 2011 in which I will be representing MXL during the convention. MXL just ROCKS! And so does Brace Audio wireless. Here's a pic of me below during the interviews... Whew and that was just Friday.

Saturday a little less hectic. I had a performance with my drummer Forrest for a great cause "Empty Bowls". It was the second year I was doing it. I was super psyched and glad that Forrest and his wife Paige invited me to perform there again. Empty Bowls is a grassroots effort and movement to end hunger everywhere. I don't understand how in this day and age of abundance we still have people going hungry. Here are some pics from the event below...

Empty Bowls event 11.13.2010

Empty Bowls event 11.13.2010

 Empty Bowls event 11.13.2010

 Empty Bowls event 11.13.2010

Empty Bowls event 11.13.2010

All in all it has been a great few weeks leading into the end of the year. I'm very excited this week to head over to see my family for the Thanksgiving holiday. May all of your families and friends have a great holiday. I'll be back with an update very soon... Happy Thanksgiving. Eric

Monday, November 8, 2010

Eric Knight | Empress | MI Showcase

Here is another video for my song Empress. I dedicated this song to my Mother who's birthday is today and was at this performance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU MOM! Miss you. I'll be home soon. Love Eric

Live performance of "Empress" taken from the upcoming release "Delusions Of Grandeur". Recorded live at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California on October 21, 2009.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Eric Knight | Muse | Time Is Running Out | Muse Cover | Fan Video | Vipe...

Here's a new video sent to us by an Aussie fan that was at my recent show for City Of Nations at the Viper Room. I'm doing a cover of the Muse track Time Is Running Out. Check it out. Much love & respect. Eric

Monday, October 11, 2010

Eric Knight is featured on the New 'Give to the Gulf, Vol. 2' Collection available on iTunes. Raises Money for Families of Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster

Give To The Gulf™ grassroots effort continues to raise money one song at a time with release of 'Give To The Gulf, Vol. 2,' a collection of 14 original songs now available on iTunes. Additionally, Give To The Gulf is now actively seeking new artists for 'Give To The Gulf, Vol. 3.


Musicians and entrepreneurs have come together for the second time in just two months to help the victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Give To The Gulf™ continues its effort to raise money one song at a time through 'Give To The Gulf, Vol. 2,' a collection of 14 original songs now available on iTunes.

'Give To The Gulf, Vol. 2' includes songs from artists from all over America, and spans a wide range of music styles and genres ranging from Cajun blues to acoustic folk to rock to alternative.

“Give To The Gulf is an incredible opportunity for artists to gain worldwide exposure while helping to make a difference in the lives and communities of the Gulf Coast region,” said Eric Knight, one of the originators of this fund-raising initiative. “This project represents a new model in charitable giving where making a financial contribution is as easy as sharing music and downloading a song.”

Give To The Gulf is a grassroots effort conceived by Knight, a musician, inventor, entrepreneur, and founder of Remarkable Technologies, Inc. Working together with musicians Paul Lombardo and Tom Russo of L&R Productions Inc., and audio engineer Mike Sokol of JMS Productions Inc., the team developed the online model for the Give To The Gulf Web portal, collaborated with musicians from around the country, and established relationships with corporate partners including Apple iTunes,, and the United Way.

When visitors download Give To The Gulf music through iTunes, 100 percent of the monies that musicians would normally receive go directly to the United Way Gulf Recovery Fund. This fund provides emergency assistance, such as help with food, rent, and utilities, and supports long-term recovery efforts to rebuild lives through educational, financial, and health-related programs.
Musicians submit their music through the Web portal. While they do not receive any proceeds from the sale of their music, they gain free broad exposure while retaining all ownership and copyrights to their music -- as well as the opportunity to directly help families and communities of the Gulf Coast.

“We are hitting our stride in building Give To The Gulf. Volume 1 got us off to a terrific start. Volume 2 continues the momentum, and we’re already working on Volume 3,” says Mike Sokol, the lead sound engineer behind Give To The Gulf. “The songs in this collection are infectious. I’m amazed at the depth and breadth of musical talent that have offered up their music for this fine cause. We can’t wait to start the next Volume.”

As mentioned by Sokol, 'Give to the Gulf, Vol. 3' is already in the works. The team is currently looking for additional artists to contribute original songs to help support the project. Artists interested in submitting work for consideration should visit

Give To The Gulf is an all-volunteer effort. Partners who have donated their time and talents to launch and support this campaign include: Remarkable Technologies, L&R Productions, JMS Productions, TuneCore, Parkinson Design, Video2People, and MAD Communications.

For more information about 'Give To The Gulf' or to download music, please visit, e-mail info(at)givetothegulf(dot)org, or call 203-987-8084.

The United Way name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual, or political position. For more information about the United Way, please visit


Friday, September 24, 2010

Eric Knight | Berklee School Of Music | Workshop 2010 Video

Here is a new video I just received from the Berklee School Of Music that I was involved in. It's part of their LA program of students that come in from Boston that are either in music composition or the music industry. These students were predominately made up of Film Composers. Enjoy

Viper Room Aftermath...

Eric Knight |  City Of Nations
Ello mateys, it's me again. WOW, what can I say the Viper Room show for City Of Nations event was an amazing success. We had a capacity crowd. I have to say it was one of my personal best performances and also the bands best yet. I'd have to say it went down as one of my top 10 shows of all time! The energy and excitement was there from the very first note of the show.

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations
Actually at the very beginning of the show we had some technical difficulty. The soundman had forgotten to un-mute the system. So we literally were playing with no FOH sound at all. I was quite concerned but once it kicked in it was AMAZING! When everything is firing on all cylinders it's like a freight train. What I am most excited about are the guys in the band. There is such a beautiful energy when we perform together it's simply bliss.

The other bands on the bill were INCREDIBLE! My boy Ignacio Val just owned on stage. Truly a major star in the making. I'm so proud of this guy. Steve Cooke was up next and his brand of British pop rock was very cool. Then last but certainly not the least was Hopkinson! All I can say was WOW! I was stunned. Great songs, band it was definitely worth the wait. I just wish we would of had this show professionally shot on HD! There are some videos out there that we are going to try and put together from the show so I hope to have those up soon. Well that is all for now. May you all have an incredible weekend. Blessings. Eric

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations
Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Eric Knight | Viper Room | City Of Nations

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eric Knight | A Lie | MI Showcase

Greetings friends! Get a taste of what you'll see tomorrow night 7pm live at the Viper Room for City Of Nations! NEW VIDEO "A Lie". Watch it in 720p. Blessings. Eric

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here are two new videos. Songs taken from my concert last year in Hollywood. "I Dare You" & "Could This Be". I hope you and all of your families have an incredible Labor Day weekend. Many Blessings to all of you. Eric



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eric Knight | Launches new revamped official site today...


Hello friends. We just launched my new revamped official website. Visit check it out and let me know what you think. You got all kinds of goodies in there. FREE downloads and you can even play some classic video games in my own video arcade. It fricken ROCKS!... Enjoy yourselves. 

Much love & respect

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Entertainment entities Oz City and Symbiotic Nation unite to present Eric Knight, Hopkinson, Ignacio Val and Steve Cooke at the Viper Room in West Hollywood September 8 for international event City Of Nations.


Los Angeles, August 23, 2010 – Entertainment organizations Oz City and Symbiotic Nation have joined forces to present the international event City Of Nations featuring four artists whose musical styles embody what’s current in the world of modern music: Eric Knight (USA), Hopkinson (Australia), Ignacio Val (Bolivia) and Steve Cooke (United Kingdom) will perform live on Wednesday September 8 at the world famous Viper Room (8852 W. Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069) in West Hollywood. The show is $7, and members of the public 21 years and older are encouraged to attend.

City Of Nations’ showcases the best international and emerging artists in Los Angeles and brings the global entertainment industry together under one roof. Global partners CrowdWorkz & Persistent Management are proud supporters of this event, as well as the world famous Viper Room.

Eric Knight has taken the contemporary appropriate “do-it-yourself” attitude to a whole new level. Opening for acts including KISS, Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith and Kid Rock, Knight has worked tirelessly to introduce his original music to the masses. In December 2008, he walked away with Outstanding Male Solo Artist bragging rights at the Rockies Awards in Hollywood. Dressed to kill in a sharp suit and tie, he offers a decidedly unbridled take on rock that remains tastefully aware of rock and roll’s pioneers but determined to redefine it even as he picks up the torch. Knight is currently working on his third album, Delusions of Grandeur, slated for release later this year.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Hopkinson spent many years crossing the Pacific Ocean between Australia and America, suitcase in hand, writing and performing his music, before eventually relocating to Los Angeles in 2006. "I came to America not really knowing who I was, but in time I began to find all the missing pieces, says Hopkinson. “Strangers To Ourselves is a story of self discovery that hopefully many people will relate to." Hopkinson's influences are worlds apart. Classically trained from the age of nine, he started a grunge/rock band in high school, eventually finding his voice in the modern pop and rock sound, with much loved bands like U2, Pearl Jam, Live, Travis, Cold Play, Portishead, Train, and Crowded House. His album, Strangers To Ourselves, was co-written and produced with George Merrill, best known for writing Whitney Houston’s hit songs I Wanna Dance With Somebody and How Will I know.

Bolivian export Ignacio Val made his initial mark upon the public’s consciousness when he joined legendary Franco De Vita on tour throughout South America to duet on one of Franco's greatest hits, “Si La Ves.” Since then, Val has played throughout Southern California in key venues including The Whisky a Go Go, The Temple Bar, The Gig, The Rumba Room, B.B King’s, The Joint and The Good Hurt, among others. 2010 has already been an incredible year for the rising star, who has made multiple TV appearances on Univision’s Primera Edicion and Tu Estilo. Performing also with international superstars such as David Bisbal and Alejandra Guzman. Ignacio’s supercharged shows, songs and charisma combine to cultivate a Latin superstar-in-the-making.

Hollywood Music and Media award winner Steve Cooke is currently running the Hollywood circuit, bringing down the house at legendary venues. At the beginning of his career Steve moved to London where he formed the band Endever, supported by an all-star band “The Dolphins,” which included members of Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Brand X and later guitar legend Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. He’s also played principle characters in UK hit musicals such as Broadway’s, Hair, Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Who’s Tommy. Over the last few years Steve has focused on his own music and songwriting. In 08 Steve rocked Carlos Santana’s after-party in Germany!


City Of Nations is an international organization who’s mission is to feature and unite emerging artists from various nations in order to create a global awareness of talent from around the world.

For press and media inquiries contact:
Trevin Miller | Persistent Management | Media Relations


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Duetos show taping with David Bisbal

Duetos TV Taping
Well after my day of doing interviews for the SNTV thing. I called in for another last minute gig for Universal artist David Bisbal. This was for a TV show taping of Latin TV show "Duetos". It's like an American Idol of sorts but with a twist. Basically paring up seemingly unknown talent with bigger stars was my take of it.

From L to R: Daniele, Forrest, Me, Ignacio & Isreal
It's always a good time doing one of these shows cause they are so effin chaotic it's fun to watch. David is always fun to play for. He's a good guy. He actually did a duet that night with Espinoza Paz which is another big artist in the Norteno music scene. Be on the lookout for it in the near future for the episode on the Estrella TV. Until next time folks.

Peace, Love & Happiness


SNTV Debut Live On Sunset....

Well, well, well ello maties it's me again. For the past several weeks now I have been going crazy from one event to another. It's been absolutely insane for me but in a good way. Nevertheless I'm extremely exhausted.

Vier (cameraman), Ian, Neha & Me
One of those crazy events or projects that I am involved in is a new entertainment network called SNTV or Symbiotic Nation Television. I'm co-hosting a new show that interviews various people from all around the various creative industries. Whether it be up incoming or already established people in the industry, SNTV's plan is to shed new light on the various creative talents that entertain millions of people everyday.  Their plans are to feature talent from the music industry, film & TV industry, comic book, gaming, pop culture you name it SNTV will be featuring it.

One of SNTV's other main objectives with the show is to hear and give advice to other talent that may be watching to inspire them to fully realize that their dreams are attainable.  We just finished shooting the first of several interviews for the debut webisodes on the Sunset Strip over at Live On Sunset in West Hollywood.

Interviewing Elyse from Elyse & The Aftermath
If the name sounds familiar LOS was originally the old location for the world famous Sunset Tower Records. A lot of great history and bands performed at that record store. We had a fabulous time while we were shooting. My partner in crime from down under Mr. Ian Hopkinson was co-host for the festivities.

Interviewing actor Kevin Bowers
We had some great guests for our debut show.  Singer songwriters Rochella Brown, Neha Kent, Elyse Haren (Elyse & The Aftermath) & Actor Kevin Bowers (True Blood, 24) rounded out the show. I'm really excited about this project and what it means. Stay tuned for more details for the premiere episodes out later this year. Until next time.


Special Thanks

Xavier Moreno
Live On Sunset

Neha Kent
Elyse Haren
Rochella Brown
Kevin Bowers
Ian Hopkinson

Friday, July 30, 2010

Comic Con 2010 Aftermath...

Hello one and all again. I'm here doing my Comic Con 2010 aftermath special. It was as expected completely insane. This was my second Comic Con. My first was back in 2006 and it seems like there was twice as many people then the last time. It was very hard at times to walk the aisles it was crazy. The costumes were simply AMAZING! I have some pics below to prove it!

I've been hearing rumors for a few years now that they were going to move the Con over to the LA Convention Center which would be for me great since I live about 20 minutes away. It's about 10 times the space as the SD Convention Center. They definitely need to look into this as I think they have out grown the venue.

Other Con highlights. I ran into the Ghostbuster guys and the Ecto 1. The car was amazing. Completely perfect inside on every detail. Even the computers inside the car were working it was so fricken cool...

Also Kenner the famous action figure company. Had a life size action figure package that you could step into a plastic case and take a picture. It was a nifty concept I thought. I was able to snag a stormtrooper in there with me to snap a shot. Also ran into I'm assuming was the actor who is playing the lead in the upcoming Tron remake. I hope this movie turns out better than some of the other horrible remakes that came out earlier this year. Oh and I almost forgot I ran into a Mr. T look alike that was funny as hell.  They also had a Sgt. Slaughter look alike from GI Joe that looked just like the cartoon.                                                                                                 

I also checked out some panels on Comic book copyrights and trademarks. Pretty interesting how it's all pretty much the same as music copyrights in general. It looks also like they are planning to bring back the Shogun Warriors comic book or action figures in something. I used to love the Shogun Warriors.

I was also held captive for a brief moment by two Stormtroopers. An Imperial and Clone Trooper it was very cool. Also on the Star Wars front I snagged a pic with Darth, Leia & Boba Fett. Leia looked quite unhappy I must say. All in all it's always cool to come to the Con. They really need to start addressing the capacity and location issues. I would also say the parking gauging they did over there wasn't cool either. Let me know your thoughts if you were there. I'd love to hear from you.


Shogun Warriors

C3PO & R2D2 Lego's
Flanked by a Imperial & Clone Trooper

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MXL Genesis Microphone Advertisement...

I just wanted to send the guys over at MXL mad props for the ad they put together featuring yours truly and their stellar recording mic the Genesis! This mic KICKS ASS! I've had such a great time working with it. Been using it on all my vocals for my upcoming record "Delusions Of Grandeur" which I hope will be released sometime this millennium. There also great for miking acoustic guitars as well. Again I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to have this mic and begin on what I hope will be a very long relationship with MXL! Blessings. Eric