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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Duetos show taping with David Bisbal

Duetos TV Taping
Well after my day of doing interviews for the SNTV thing. I called in for another last minute gig for Universal artist David Bisbal. This was for a TV show taping of Latin TV show "Duetos". It's like an American Idol of sorts but with a twist. Basically paring up seemingly unknown talent with bigger stars was my take of it.

From L to R: Daniele, Forrest, Me, Ignacio & Isreal
It's always a good time doing one of these shows cause they are so effin chaotic it's fun to watch. David is always fun to play for. He's a good guy. He actually did a duet that night with Espinoza Paz which is another big artist in the Norteno music scene. Be on the lookout for it in the near future for the episode on the Estrella TV. Until next time folks.

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