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Friday, December 16, 2011

Holy CRAP! The Year In Review Pt. 2

Well I'm back for my second installment of my year in review. I've been here holed up in the beautiful rural part of North Carolina recharging the batteries with the family for the holidays but yet still hard at work on the never ending projects that are my life!

I just did an interview last night with Cyrus Webb and his show Conversations Live. It was very cool so many thanks to Cyrus and his staff for a great time. You can check out my interview right here below.

Listen to internet radio with Cyrus Webb on Blog Talk Radio

I have been very blessed as well to get back on track this year on my album 'Delusions Of Grandeur'. For me it is my reintroduction as an artist. There have been so many things that have happened along the way these past 10 years since the release of my last record, that I'm looking at it as a time to refocus my efforts as an artist and I'm very excited to finally get working on finishing this record. For me I personally feel like I am coming out for the very first time again as a solo artist so I am taking this time to build everything from the ground up to take this to the next level. Below are some recent pics as well as some video footage of me in the studio doing vocal takes on one of my tunes from the upcoming record called 'Stargazer Lily'. I'm so pumped for this record to finally come out and I really can't wait for everyone to hear it.

I'm also very excited about a new band that I am working with from Australia called Satellite Sky. They are an Indie Rock act that has some great tunes that I simply cannot get out of my head and plan on seeing to it that big things are happening for them in 2012! Below is their video for 'With You' from their self-titled debut EP. This is a great introduction as to what's to come for them. We beginning pre-production on a debut album for them in the new year. Check 'em out and let me know what you think.

The other BIG project that is finally starting to take shape is Latin Pop-Rock sensation Ignacio Val. I have been working with Ignacio for the past 3 years now. And it has been simply amazing how far we have come on this project.

We just completed work on his debut album which is simply STUNNING! We have a hit record on our hands as far as I'm concerned. We have assembled a team that is unmatched in the music industry right now.

His story has been building slowly and is ready to explode in 2012! I'll have some more updates coming in the near future. Below are shots of him from his triumphant show in front of his home town crowd in La Paz and the work that he is doing as an ambassador for World Vision | Vision Mundial Worldwide. I'm very proud of him...

That's for now, but stay tuned as I will have more updates coming on my year end review. Hope you all are staying warm out there cause it's cold as hell over here. Many blessings to you all... EK

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