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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Crazy Ass Week That Was My Life 5.24.2013

So as I sit here trying to write two blog postings in one day (a miracle in my world) I am reflecting on the crazy ass week that was my life.

Monday May 20, 2013: Video editing sessions for the latest round of videos for MUBUTV | Music Business Television that we did from MUSEXPO in Hollywood the week before. Very excited about these as we got some great videos with top music industry professionals. Here is a shot with manager Tom Callahan and my Partner Ritch Esra and I after his interview. 

Then it was off to a meeting with my partner Ritch to continue working on MUBU. We have been working very hard on the MUBUTV venture and project and it has been coming along very nicely. We hope to have some big announcements and news real soon. In the meantime you can check out more on MUBU at

 moving right along...

Tuesday May 21, 2013: Stared with a meeting for a friend that I am helping on a project, then raced to get to a session in the studio with a new artist that I am working with Katie Scarlett. I've been consulting with her to help get her first release out. We recorded and produced her vocals in the studio with my partner in crime Rochella Brown who did an amazing job with me in not only get a great performance out of her but we cut some really cool vocal parts and harmonies.

I also had the pleasure to work with the team that produced the track, Omer and Adam from Riotvan Productions. They did an incredible job and are super talented guys. Here are some pics from the sessions.

Eric Knight with artist Katie Scarlett
Me & artist Katie Scarlett

Eric Knight here with Rochella Brown & Katie Scarlett
Rochella Brown, Katie Scarlett

Eric Knight, Omer Avni, Rochella Brown, Katie Scarlett, Adam Peri
Omer Avni, Rochella Brown, Katie Scarlett, Adam Peri

Then it was off to the Latin ReMIXX event at Infusion Lounge at Universal Studios with my boy Ignacio Val hosted by BMI. This was a pretty cool networking mixer. There was a cool panel on the state of the industry from the Latin perspective. The event was mainly focused towards DJ's but did have a general focus on the Latin music industry on a whole. Here is a pic with me and Ignacio Val. We've come a long way and the journey still continues.

Eric Knight & Ignacio Val on the red carpet at the Latin ReMIXX event at Infusion Lounge Universal Studios
Ignacio Val & Eric Knight | Latin ReMIXX event @ Infusion Lounge Universal Studios
photo credit: Fredwill Hernandez | Hollywood Today

Ignacio Val | Latin ReMIXX event @ Infusion Lounge Universal Studios photo credit: Fredwill Hernandez | Hollywood Today

Eric Knight & Ignacio Val on the red carpet at the Latin ReMIXX event at Universal Studios
Ignacio Val & Eric Knight

Wednesday May 22, 2013: Was another day of meetings for MUBUTV which were very intense. We are getting closer and closer to the ultimate goal of what MUBUTV will become and are very excited for what the future holds

Thursday May 23, 2013: Spent the day listening to the "Startup School" blogs with Seth Godin on them. I'm a huge Godin fan. If you've haven't listened to any of his thought leadership stuff you should. He's brilliant! He also has authored several books as well. So he is my new Rock Star as of late. Check out his blog here. Seth Godin Blog.

Then had a meeting for MUBUTV with our SCORE Counselor in Glendale about where we are at with the project. Randy Lash has been our mentor now on the project since late last year and it has been amazing to work with him. Anyone thinking of going to start their own business or enter into a new venture with someone should visit the official SCORE site here:
SCORE | Official Site  Best of all it's all FREE!

Later that evening I trucked it on down the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood to watch singer, songwriter Sarah D. bring down the house there. Sarah is a great singer out of Australia that's making a big splash here in the states. She's been out promoting her new EP and it's pretty great! 

My guitarist Ramon Blanco for my new band project Disciples Of Babylon, performs with Sarah D. as well so I came down to support both of them. It was a great night. Also met up with our bass player for the band Mr. Gui Bodi and also ran into producer/drummer extraordinaire Andres Torres which turned out to be an incredibly fun filled evening. Here are some pics from that night: 

Rock Band Disciples Of Babylon from L to R: Gui Bodi, Eric Knight, Ramon Blanco @ Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood
Gui Bodi, Eric Knight, Ramon Blanco, Disciples Of Babylon

Eric Knight & Sarah D. | Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood
Eric Knight & Sarah D.

The whole gang after the show: Rochella, Eric, Andres, Gui, Sarah, Ramon & Daniel
The whole gang after the show: Rochella, Eric, Andres, Gui, Sarah, Ramon & Daniel

speaking of the new band...

We are super stoked about this band. I'm excited to finally be part of a band again after so long. It was a dream of mines to get back into a band situation but I didn't want to be in a hired gun situation. I had this idea for putting the band together for Disciples a few years back but then walked away from it cause it didn't feel right. 

Late last year I was watching videos on YouTube and I came across a video for who would become our guitarist Ramon and was blown away by what I saw. He was amazing very melodic player with great taste in music. So I immediately thought this would be the guy to start the band with and begin writing with together. So we set up a meeting and the rest was history. 

We have been holed up writing songs together and early this year Ramon's close friend Gui Bodi and fellow band mate on some other projects decided to join the band as well and began to write with us as well. All I can say is the ideas are pouring in and we are very excited to share this music with the world. I can't say what it is like cause it's still being formulated but I know it has a unique sound and is getting more refined as we progress.

Now if we can only find a great Rock drummer. We have been on the hunt for a drummer now for the past couple of months now. We held some auditions about a month ago but came up empty so far. So if any of you out there reading this that knows of a kick ass drummer along the lines of Bonham, Hawkins, Grohl and are based in Los Angeles then send them our way. Here is the audition notice: Disciples Of Babylon | Drummer Auditions.

Friday May 24, 2013: To wrap up the crazy week that was, the day began with an early morning mix session for the Katie Scarlett single "Forever And A Day" that we did earlier in the week. Here I am contemplating the sound of the mix as I am sure a million other thoughts.

Eric Knight in the studio during final mixing on Katie Scarlett track Forever And A Day
Omer Avni mixing with me listening intently
Once we were done with the final mix and new it was good, I shuttled it off to Hollywood for a songwriting session with the guys for the Disciples project. We meet every Friday to write songs or picked up where we left off with a previous song that we may have been working on. This week we worked on an idea that came from Gui our bassist and it's sounding pretty cool. It's taken a little bit to realize but it is finally starting to take shape.

After that I went on to my next meeting which was again with my partner Ritch for the MUBUTV project. We are trying to get finished with what we need to so that we may move on to the next phase in the project. Lots of work but incredibly gratifying. 

After that I went straight home and just crashed onto my bed to try and rest, and of course I couldn't cause I've been so wired with everything prior. So there you have it one week in my crazy ass life. Tune in next week when I attempt to squeeze even into more things while being sleep deprived. Fun for the whole family. Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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