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Friday, May 24, 2013

Got High on Maui Wowie!

Well not exactly! LOL! I just had one of the most enlighten experiences of my life. I just recently traveled last week to the beautiful island of Maui last week for the fourth time. I must say that it never, nor will it ever get old. 

It is one of the most serene and tranquil places I've ever visited in my travels. Just an amazing
Kamaole Beach Park
place to tune into the real beauty of nature. And the food is just incredible. I've pretty much have done all that there is to do while in Maui, but this time around I got to visit a couple of places that I had never been too before. One was the beach at Kamaole Beach Park. The water was a bit cold but once you finally went in completely it was wonderful. I was there with family and I must say it was a beautiful experience. (Here is a picture on the right that I shot before leaving)

The next day we traveled to another glorious place called the Sacred Garden. Now I must say just arriving into the entrance of this glorious place looked like something out of a movie. You could just feel the energy from this place running through your body. From the front before entering the building it looks like it's going to be like a small quaint little place maybe selling some touristy trinkets. But once inside, it has a completely different feel and vibe. 

Eric Knight Sacred Garden Entrance
Entrance into the Sacred Garden
Yes there are lots of things to buy but there more on the spiritual side of things which I really loved and enjoyed, but the real treasure was out in the back in the open gardens and nursery. There was a beautiful Buddah Garden in the nursery that truly made you feel at peace and relax no matter what your religious faith or background may be. Originally from Bali, this 500-600 pound Buddha is carved from a single piece of Balinese Monkeypod wood..I was truly grateful for being there. Take a look at the front entrance into the Sacred Garden then Buddha and Buddah and I. 

Sacred Garden Buddah Garden
Sacred Garden Buddah Garden

Eric Knight and Buddah
Eric and Buddah

Finally I went out into the gardens themselves and found a labyrinth in the back. The first one that I have ever seen before in my life. Here is the official description from their website of what the labyrinth means and stands for.

11-Circuit Labyrinth

Modeled after the pattern of the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France, this is an 11-circuit medieval labyrinth design with the alteration of an open heart in the center.

Circuits refer to the number of times the path passes between the center and the outside edge.

The labyrinth is an ancient path of pilgrimage, rich with meaning. Early in the 13th century, when the Crusades made journeying to sacred destinations too dangerous, if not impossible, would-be pilgrims got creative and used this beautiful path of prayer within the safety of the church. Within the labyrinth they could take a metaphorical pilgrimage. Since that time, the uses have expanded to include a path of self-discovery, healing, contemplation and revelation. 

There is definitely an energy source once you reach the center of the labyrinth. I closed my eyes and prayed for healing and health for everyone close to me. As well as heal the people that are struggling and suffering unnecessarily. Here is a shot of me in the middle of the labyrinth.

And on our last day we visited a place that I had been to before Iao Valley. This is a breathtaking national park that is filled with beautiful greenery everywhere. It also has some of the most refreshing rivers running through them. Here is a picture that I shot as we drove into the valley, simply breathtaking.

Iao Valley | Maui Hawaii
All in all this was an amazing place and amazing trip. We had a short stay this time but somehow still felt rested and energized from it. I'm already planning the next trip as we speak. Special thanks to Nika, Tulei and family for another wonderful experience.

Many blessings


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