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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big Showcase for me next Wednesday evening April 3rd in Hollywood

It's been just way too long since my last post here on the blog and all I can say is "way too much going on to keep up with it all" not that it's a bad thing but I need to make a more conscious effort to update here it's embarrassing :(.

Any way I have a huge showcase next Wednesday night April 3rd at King King in Hollywood. It's all part of the Persistent Management Music Industry Showcase 2013. Featuring performances by my dear friends: Satellite Sky, Ignacio Val and Jonny Kaplan. Should be a fun filled evening for the whole family. Did I mention it's absolutely FREE to attend! I'd figure that may get your attention (or not) but either way you can get your tickets below and order up to four a piece, not a bad deal for FREE and a great night of music.

I'll also leave you with a video taken from last years PM Music Showcase 2012 for the song "Empress" which is from my never ending album in the making entitled "Delusions Of Grandeur" and yes delusional I am becoming indeed. Enjoy and if you are in the Southern California area I hope to see you at the show. Blessings EK

Read the official press release on the showcase here:

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